Brian Stelter thinks it’s a big deal that several papers are trashing Trump at the same time because usually, they’re so supportive and fact-based in their reporting on the president. *eye roll*

But you know, whatever makes him feel special.

From CNN:

From The Martha’s Vineyard Times to the Dallas Morning News… from the Yankton County Observer in South Dakota to the Bangor Daily News in Maine… the papers are all running editorials as part of an effort first proposed by the Boston Globe earlier this month.

“This whole project is not anti-Trump. It’s really pro-press,” The Globe’s editorial says.

Each paper wrote its own editorial. The campaign is significant because it moves the conversation about Trump’s attacks out of Washington and New York and into communities across the country.

It’s not anti-Trump, it’s pro-press. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

But Truuuuump.





@RedSteeze had the best take on #FreePress that totally nuked their ‘efforts’ and Brian Stelter himself.


But tell us more about how the press isn’t a biased, propaganda arm of the DNC, Bri.


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