Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo made an epic jackass of himself by claiming that America has never been all that great.  And boy howdy, did he get dragged or WHAT? Last night, Cuomo tried once again to save face by accusing Trump of wanting to take America back to the KKK … which is ironic because we all know Democrats were the party of the Klan.

Nice try though, Andy.

Trump trolled him so hard, heh.

And of course, Cuomo fell for it like he and others on the Left always do.

Womp womp.

Us either.

This is called doubling down after you’ve said something epically stupid and FAILING, big time.

Really all Andy should have done is apologize for what he said and admit it was all about attacking Trump, but oh no, he all but doubled down on this response which the president likely knew he would do.

And he made a complete arse of himself in the process.



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