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Did he REALLY just say that?! Pro-abort Brian Fallon slips up, accidentally admits abortion is MURDER

In case you missed it, a bunch of pro-abort harpies is going across the country talking about how rad it is to kill the unborn as a protest to Brett Kavanaugh who they believe will overturn Roe.


Even though Kavanaugh has said no such thing.

But you know, these folks aren’t known for dealing in reality or facts.

LOL. Thanks to good ol’ Harry Reid the inevitability of Kavanaugh is no myth.

We owe that guy a lunch.

And speaking of owing someone lunch, Brian Fallon just admitted abortion is murder. Accidentally of course.

Roe’s graveyard eh? Huh.

What a dillhole.



He really set himself up for this one.




‘Nuff said.


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