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DISTURBING: Candace Owens shares pic from Antifa attack reminiscent of the 60s and NOT in a good way

As Twitchy readers know, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were attacked by Antifa Monday morning for daring to have lunch in the City of Brotherly Love, Philly. Because you know, eating a meal is apparently not allowed if you’re a Conservative … or a black woman.


Sounds dramatic but take a look at the photo Candace shared of herself from the incident and tell us it doesn’t remind you of exactly what she says:



Of course they didn’t, they’re Democrats.

They wanted to shut her down.


Yeah, no.



Right? Leave it to a bunch of Antifa jagoffs to call a black woman a ‘white supremacist’.

Hey, no one said these people were the best and the brightest – they’re just the loudest.


Democrats trying so hard to pretend they’re the tolerant party … no wonder we’re seeing so many on the Left starting to #WalkAway.


HOLY SH*T! Saudi Arabia account tweets then deletes what looks like SERIOUS threat to Canada (see tweet)

‘EVERYONE is the press’ Charles C.W. Cooke SCHOOLS media on the 1st Amendment and it’s SPECTACULAR

ALRIGHTY: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez writes ‘deep’ political tweet about scrubbing toilets and we’re officially DEAD

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