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"How elitist and racist ARE YOU?!" Blue-check accidentally admits how much Dems HATE the working class

For years, Democrats have been trying to pretend they care about the little people. You know, the working class. And for years we have known they only care about the working class when they need their votes, otherwise, they have a tremendous amount of disdain and disrespect for those people.


Especially in rural America.

Rani Molla, who Twitter apparently believes is having healthy conversations because she has a blue check, accidentally proved it with her two tweets about rural Americans working in a chicken processing plant:


Because working in an awful chicken processing plant is super advantaged.

Holy crap these people are horrible.

But they’re doing their best to re-elect Trump so we should send them cookies.

Poor people are not allowed to peacefully express anxieties if they’re white.




Dems hate rural America.

In other news, water is still wet.


Bots. Right.

This idiot almost got as ratioed as Rani did:

Back to the main thread because he’s boring.


Too late.


And just another reason he won in 2016 and will win in 2020.


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