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REEEEE! Ben Shapiro reminds Twitter whose admin has been TOUGHER on Russia and peeps JUST can't deal

Ben Shapiro made two very good points about Russia and Trump, proving that once again things aren’t always mutually exclusive.

Which naturally leads to chaos within a thread.


Case in point tweet one, where he responded to President Trump claiming our relationship with Russia has never been worse thanks to U.S. foolishness:

We have issues with Putin because Putin sucks.

This is not America’s fault; c’mon man, we thought blaming America was Obama’s schtick.

And speaking of Obama, then there is point two:

Trump’s administration has been far tougher on Russia than even Obama and his famous flexibility after the 2012 election.


Both points right on the mark.

So, of course, people from all sides totally freaked out.

Welcome to Twitter.

That’s not exactly what Ben said.

Yikes, people are so mad.

And we’re still trying to figure out which part is a lie here.

See, told you.

Of course what else would you expect from someone named ‘Conservatives Suck’?


She has a good point.


All this because Ben pointed out that it’s not America’s fault that Putin stinks and that Trump has been harder on Russia than other administrations.

And we thought 2017 was annoying.


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