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TINY VIOLINS! Bloomberg writer REKT for mopey tweet about how AWFUL America has been since he turned 18

This is why people in third world countries hate us.

True story.

Bloomberg writer, Noah Smith, lives in one of the most amazing (if not THE MOST amazing) countries in this world, and all he can do is sit on the sidelines and complain.


On Twitter.

C’mon man, get it together.

The election was stolen in 2000?

You guys notice that every time a Democrat loses they claim it was stolen?

9/11 sucked, fair.

Nazis marching in the streets …  *sigh*

We’re thinking this thread nailed it:

What he said.


If that many.

Indeed sir, indeed.



Settle down there, junior.


And we’re done here.


MELTDOWN City! Nikki Haley is speaking at the High School Leadership Summit and Lefties just can’t DEAL

‘He actually SAID THAT’: Brit Hume NAILS Peter Strzok for claiming his anti-Trump texts were NOT biased

Love you too, DAD! Sean Spicier triggers a world of WACK JOBS with his Strzok, Putin, and Warren tweets

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