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RUH-ROH! Tim Young's selfie at SCOTUS 'protest' Monday night spells TROUBLE for the Resistance

The media made the SCOTUS protests Monday night sound like a giant MOVEMENT that was (is) banding together to stop the evil Kavanaugh from dragging us back to Sharia Law.


Seriously, Ron Perlman said this.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it, he did.

Anyway, Tim Young was good enough to take a selfie near the protest and wow … it doesn’t look good for the mighty Resistance.



Gosh, that doesn’t look a whole lot like a tidal wave to us.

Now THAT protest would be LIT!

One of the best parody accounts on Twitter. ^

Such bravery!


Could be.

Look at that TURNOUT! RAH RAH RAH!



And what the HELL with the circumcision poster?! Wait, you know what, never mind.

Good point.


So he’s HONEST? Law and Crime’s thread about Kavanaugh allegedly calling Hillary the ‘b-word’ is HILARIOUS

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