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Nice try, LADIES! John Harwood, Howard Dean, and Tom Arnold 'gang up' on James Woods (guess how THAT goes)

It all started here with a passive-aggressive subtweet from John Harwood about James Woods.


C’mon man. If you’re going to talk smack about James at least have the nads to tag him. And just like you’d expect, several people on John’s thread screeched about crazy James this and mean ol’ Trump supporter James that, and not one of them directing their comments to the actor.

Because cowards.

And speaking of cowards, enter Tom Arnold.

Tom, Tom, Tom. Dude.


Poor lil fella.

Imagine having your entire career built around a failed marriage and thinking that since you hate Trump that somehow makes you relevant. Note, James didn’t bother to engage John or Tom or any of the haters on this thread so ultimately they just sat around complaining about a guy who doesn’t care about them.

Way to go, Tom.

Enter Howard Dean.

You know who he is, John. He’s a guy who didn’t destroy his career by screeching like a banshee during a campaign.


That guy.

Oh, and we can’t leave out the number of people dragging Harwood …


Ugh, don’t get the media started!


Wait, not literally Hitler?! Sharyl Attkisson EXPERTLY mocks Amy Siskind’s HYSTERIA around what Trump ‘will do’

INFURIATING! Starbucks employee fired for mocking disabled customer (so much for that ‘anti-bias’ training)

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