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OOF! Lauren Duca REKT by Conservative black WOMAN for saying Independence Day is about white nationalism

Lauren Duca is either brilliant at trolling people in general or one of the densest and most overly-emotional people on Twitter.

We haven’t decided just yet.


Did she really think this tweet was a good idea?

Imagine hating your own country this much.

The less you try and understand what she’s trying to say in general the better.

Apparently, the hot new thing for ‘young people’ is hating this country to spite Trump. Or something. Truth be told it’s tough to keep up with what their angst of the day currently is, but it seems the theme going throughout all of their shrieky tweets is, ‘BUUUUT TRUUUUMP.’

It sounds like she thinks only white people love their country or something though …


Drag her!

We’re not sure but we think she writes?


We’re starting to wonder.



One of the best gifs maybe ever.

What he said.

Awww Twitter, don’t ever change.


Avocado rations cut in half, war is HELL! #SecondCivilWarLetters is FREAKIN’ hilarious (here are some of the best)

She’s gone full CAPSLOCK! Bette Midler blames ‘climate deniers’ because it’s HOT, gets lesson on SEASONS

Narrator: He DID want special treatment. Brian Stelter screeches at YouTube in back-and-forth over video and LOL

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