Yeah, we know it sounds sorta mean but every tweet we read from Brian Stelter sorta sounds like he’s whining. Perhaps it’s because it seems like he’s always complaining about something or talking smack about someone else but wow …

He really is his own worst enemy.

Case in point:


Look at how quickly YouTube responded to Brian …

Brian, you should have just emailed, man.

And trust us, Brian did want special treatment. He wanted attention, he wanted people to be outraged with him, he WANTED to play the victim and do it in front of everyone on Twitter. If this really was about a copyright issue and a threat, he should have quietly emailed them, contacted the proper authorities if he truly felt threatened and been done with it.

But that’s not really what he wanted.

He wanted to prove that Trump is causing people to hate the media, and then he wanted to write a story about it.

Heck, he still might.

Seems pretty simple, Bri.

Oh FFS, just email them!

Still being polite.

YouTube has way more patience than we do.

HA! We see what he did here.


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