Seems the White House took a page out of Obama’s book and tweeted a senator directly on Twitter.

As you can imagine, people lost their ever-loving MINDS because TRUMP WAS TARGETING KAMALA … even though if you’ve been paying attention over the past years (which we know many of them weren’t) then you know the White House ‘targeted’ Senator McConnell and Republicans in general.

But you know, TRUMP.

Kamala got her britches twisted which was likely exactly what the White House wanted:

Oh, Kamala. You really set yourself up for an EASY takedown with this tweet.

And Ben Shapiro was more than happy to oblige …


And we’re going to guess yes, yes she did separate those poor criminals from their children if they had any.

Thinking the White House touched a nerve.

They really need a new word other than ‘ripped’.

Yup, we felt that burn CLEAR over here.

Aloe, STAT!


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