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MOUTH-breather: ‘Anarchist’ Dan Arel receives record amounts of BACKLASH after calling Ben Shapiro a 'Nazi'

When we come across stupid as extreme as Dan Arel’s we have to wonder if it’s in the least bit physically painful because WOW … this is some serious stupid. Nuclear levels of stupid even.


He just made Chelsea Handler almost look smart. Almost.

See for yourself.


Who wants to tell him?

Funny how that works.

How hard was it for Dan to get his foot this stuck in his mouth?

That’s an insult to idiots.

Enter Kyle Kashuv with the assist …


Nazi is the new racist. For eight long years, Obama and his zombies called anyone and everyone who disagreed with his policies or their ideas, ‘racist.’ Nazi is their new go-to, and like the word racist, they will quickly take any and all meaning away from the word.

They’re not the brightest crayons in the box.


It almost sounds like Gina here thinks Dan should get some therapy.

We don’t disagree.


What he said.

Sensing a theme here, Dan.

And it’s not a good one.

Fair assessment.


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