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Flawless VICTORY: James Woods takes Michael Avenatti to the SHED for shameful immigration tweet

Seems James Woods has had enough of Michael Avenatti’s BS, like most other Americans. Especially since Michael has switched gears from Stormy Daniels (who seems to have drifted magically out of the news) to exploiting illegal immigrant children who may be separated from their parents at the border.


You guys remember this talking point, right? Sure, the Left has sort of moved on to SCOTUS APOCOLYPSE in the last 24 hours but for about three weeks, all we heard about was how evil Trump was literally stealing babies from their mothers at the border.

Yeah, we know.

Perhaps someone should let Michael know the rage machine has moved on to the SCOTUS.

Oof. He also jabbed DeRay and Hogg, both of whom seem to have disappeared.

The picture of the crying little girl was a nice touch, Michael. *eye roll*

Aww, it all makes sense now.



Oh, man, poor Tom. Seriously, we feel sorry for him at this point.

Well, sorta.

To be honest, this editor used to giggle a little at this claim, but with what we’re seeing from the Left in this country right now, it could well be very true.


Cue the SHRIEKING! Ben Shapiro uses Jessica Valenti’s SCOTUS tweet for new Democratic slogan (it’s BRUTAL)

All sorts of OUCH! Brit Hume rubs POLITICO’s face in their OWN hypocrisy for calling out NYT over Crowley

YAAAAS! Dana Loesch shares the fiercest SCOTUS-OWN of the Libs YET and you’ll fist-pump

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