Fascinating how we’ve gone from reading tweets Lefty tweets about how the Trump administration is literally RIPPING babies from their mother’s arms at the border to reading tweets about how Justice Kennedy retiring will keep women from having the unborn ripped limb from limb.

Yeah, that’s brutal, but so is abortion.

Jessica Valenti proves our point …

Man, we hope so.


Ben Shapiro capitalized on Valenti’s tweets and tried his best to help the Democrats come up with a new slogan … heh.

We wouldn’t put it past them.

You know, it would even fit on bumper stickers and t-shirts.

Well-played, Ben.

Give pro-aborts an inch, they take a mile.

And for good reason, they need more distance if they’re going to drive all of those Lambos around.

Scott is assuming all women are pro-abortion and EHHHH, wrong.

See what we mean? Oooh, and bonus points for using woke!

And as you likely guessed already, Ben’s tweet ‘triggered’ a good many Resistance types:

Yes, killing unborn babies is extremism.

There are an awful lot of people without uteruses talking about abortion on this thread, Mr. Smug.

Remember, no uterus, no opinion on abortion.

HA! We couldn’t help ourselves.

These people.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, at this rate, Trump is going to be president forever.


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