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Oh NO he di'nt! Dana Loesch STOMPS a mudhole in David Pakman for accusing her of copying HIM

Full transparency, we had never heard of David Pakman until he accused Dana Loesch of all people of ‘copying’ his hate mail bit on his show …

Either this guy is completely full of bull and looking (begging) for attention by claiming he doesn’t know who she is OR he’s had his head buried in the sand for the last two decades.


Probably a little bit of both.

Notice how he didn’t bother to address her directly.


Dana’s producer responded in kind:


And then it really got bumpy for Pakman.




What she said.

B*tch, please.

Dude, walk away.

David just keeps digging that hole, right?



AND there it is.

All he had to do was apologize and mean it, but oh no, he had to play ‘poor me’ because he got caught trying to use Dana to push his content and his show. This is a seriously cheap dig at Dana as well.

He didn’t take a minute to look into it BECAUSE he wanted to use it to push his crap show.

And so he should make an apology HIMSELF in separate tweets.




At this time we are seeing no official apology on Twitter, where Pakman first accused Dana of stealing his bit.

BINGO indeed.


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