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He NEVER learns! Tom Arnold HUMILIATES himself (again), triggers over ANOTHER Candace Owens tweet

Remember when CNN brought Tom Arnold on as some sort of expert on Roseanne after her infamous tweets to Valerie Jarrett and Chelsea Clinton? We suppose if anyone knows about saying stupid things it would be Tom …


He could see it coming.

Oh boy.

Because Tom knows all ABOUT writing racist tweets.


And God love her, she tagged him.

Now, if Tom were smart he would ignore this tweet because there is really no way for him NOT to look like an arse in this situation.

But we all know Tom isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, so of course, he responded.

Actually, the reason Candace probably put asterisks in the word ‘racist’ is that Twitter seems to be suspending Conservatives for using all sorts of words, and better safe than sorry.


And not to worry, we all know what she meant because we all remember his tweet.

Took it down immediately… BS.

Awww, there it is.

Such a poet.

But he’s a Roseanne expert!

Funny that …


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