Just when you thought Keith Olbermann had finally faded into obscurity, he had to show up and ruin the Stanley Cup with his own smug, and quite frankly bigoted ideas about NASCAR fans.

Because you know, only certain people (WHOO-DAWGIE YOU REDNECKS!) like NASCAR …


Give us a break, Keith.

We know, he thinks he’s better than NASCAR fans and of course feels superior to Dale Earnhardt Jr. but this was just obnoxious.

Until Earnhardt tweeted this to Keith …


And no, Keith did not have the cojones to respond.

See, no fans in DC.


Keith is a very unique tool indeed.

Wait, you mean Americans are capable of enjoying more than one sport? And that not only certain types of people like hockey versus NASCAR?

Mind blown.

This went well, Keith.

Who let this broad talk about sports anyway?

Oh snap.


Like we said, crash and burn baby.


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