Greg Gutfeld’s segment on CNN ‘clown’ Brian Stelter (Gladys Kravitz from ‘Bewitched’) gossiping as a way to create stories about Melania Trump is brutal and excellent. Not to mention Dana Perino blasting the media for pretending to care about Melania (when they don’t) and pointing out their hypocrisy when people dared question Hillary Clinton’s health after she passed out on the sidewalk in September 2016.


DAMN good.

So damn good in fact that Brian himself got a tad bit defensive over the segment:

Pro-Trump media.


Sure, the only people who think this bizarre line of gossip and conspiracy theories is creepy are members of the pro-Trump media. If he wants to play that game, doesn’t that make him a member of the anti-Trump media?

And rabid.

Poor tater.

And then he sends a CNN story to back up his claim.

Which is far more hilarious than he realizes.

But Trump.

Psh, silly little people. Don’t you know, Brian knows best?


He’s trying so hard though!


Sad trombone, Bri.


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