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UK's Forrest Gump! Brenna Spencer DROPS Piers Morgan for sexist remark about her 'gun-toting grad photo'

Wow, Twitter and social media, in general, lost its damn mind this past week over a lovely photo taken by a young woman wearing a Trump t-shirt and ‘carrying.’ You have to wonder if Brenna Spencer knew that her graduation photo would freak so many people out.


And we still don’t see anything wrong or that outlandish with this photo.

Apparently, though, Piers Morgan was so bothered by it that he had to make a nasty comment on her intelligence.

Shut up, Piers. Sexist much?

Brenna was all class in her response:

She was WAY NICER than we would have been … or than these other folks were.

People lit him UP:

Ban all the things!

Except Forrest was likable.


Piers wouldn’t know ‘class’ if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.




This was AWESOME: @RedSteeze takes media outrage over woman’s gun-toting grad photo APART

‘Right-wing F*GGOT’: Chad Felix Greene triggers VICIOUS ‘pride troll’ by refusing to be OWNED by a movement

REALLY? Piers Morgan’s comment on Brenna Spencer’s photo is as harsh as you might expect

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