In case you missed it, the Left really really really really really doesn’t like it when someone in their ‘protected classes’ speaks out against the narrative and acts like their own person. Whether it’s a woman, minority or a gay individual, for whatever reason the Left seems to think they own these people, and if they stray they must be destroyed.

And few people take as much flack in the LGBTQ arena than Chad Felix Greene:

What is normal? Psh, is anyone normal?

These days it’s really not all that shocking to see two men or two women married to one another, and it’s certainly not out of the norm for someone to be gay. But when your whole movement is dependent on there being hatred and division guess you’ll keep on pushing the notion that gay people are ‘different.’

And if someone says otherwise, you’ll shut them down.

Like this guy tried to do with Chad:


So gay people can only be one party.

Alrighty then.

To put him in his place, right?


Only if they’re comfortable with the narrative labeling them and putting them all in the same bucket first.

When will people figure out that being ‘special’ isn’t being equal, and it never will be? And we thought the whole pride movement was about equality.

Chad reminds us all that individuals are more important than any movement when it comes to freedom and that it is the individual who will ultimately make the change they want to see in the world.

Not some parade or protest.


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