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'SHE'D know!' Chelsea Handler explains why MILLIONS are binge drinking, jokes write themselves

Sometimes we start feeling a little guilty for making jokes implying that Chelsea Handler drinks while she tweets, which any sane person knows you NEVER do unless you really want to embarrass yourself.


But then she tweets something like this and regardless of our promises to ourselves to NOT pick on her in this regard, we have no choice.

Don’t @ us.

Of course.

And she’d know.


But Trump! It’s always Trump’s fault.

And Khloe’s fault apparently as well.



We didn’t say it.

Blame that roach person.



Full transparency, this editor has NO IDEA what she’s talking about with Khloe but it seems that part of her tweet upset the masses far more than the drinking bit.

People are strange.

We know, evergreen.

We laughed because it IS true.

And it’s really funny coming from Chelsea Handler.


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