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Everywhere a HACK: Matthew Dowd and John Harwood get seriously REKT for trashing flyover country

Matthew Dowd thinking he understands what the ‘moral majority’ believes, thinks or wants may be one of the funniest things we’ve seen on Twitter in a long time. Wonder if he sees the hypocrisy of excluding people based on their skin color and faith while he rambles on about who he thinks makes up the moral majority?


We’re going to guess he does not.

Wow, Matthew is so deep and meaningful. *eye roll*

A protest full of people who are clueless about why they’re actually protesting so they blame an organization for events it had nothing to do with is totally the moral majority.

It’s painful, right?


Is John claiming people in flyover America shouldn’t have a say in how this country is run? How very fascist of him.

Just no words for the level of ignorance in this one tweet.


Ok, so this editor has a bunch of words, but none of them are appropriate for Twitchy … so instead she’ll think them to herself.

He probably thinks we’re a Democracy.

Seems that way.

Just. Wow.

They seem to think people in smaller states don’t have the same rights they do.

It’s terrifying.



They’re both pretty damn dumb.



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