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It's MILLER TIME! Dennis Miller's joke about how Hillary ACTUALLY fractured her wrist wins Twitter

Seems failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ‘slipped’ in the bathtub earlier this week and fractured her wrist, sadly soon after she nearly fell down the stairs. We’d call her a train wreck but at this point, we’re afraid that would be an insult to train wrecks.


Stop it, it’s just a joke.

But not as good of a joke as the one Dennis Miller told about her ‘incident’:


And it’s hilarious because it’s true.

Hillary is so busy blaming others for her loss that she could very well have fractured her own wrist trying to pat herself on the back for doing the best she could when so many people and things were against her. Like evil Republican women, James Comey and THAT RACIST STAIRCASE.

It must really burn her biscuits to know she lost to the most unpopular GOP candidate in modern history.


Good point.


Oh, THAT’S what happened.

Now it all makes sense.

White, Republican women.


You know, we wouldn’t put it past her.

That could actually be Huma’s new title these days.



Heap big LOL! Avoid drinking ANYTHING when reading Dennis Miller’s latest Elizabeth Warren ZINGER

LOL OUCH! That Dennis Miller would rather do THIS than watch the Oscars speaks VOLUMES

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