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Tough GUY: Ron Perlman goes full MANGINA, attacks Dana Loesch in cowardly subtweet

Awww, we haven’t written about Ron Perlman in a week or so, Putin stopped sending the checks so we had to take a break and stuff … OMG that was hilarious. Although the idea of the Twitchy editors hanging out in a secret meeting place every month eating cookies and watching movies didn’t seem like such a horrible thing, but we digress.


Today Mr. Perlman set his sights on the lovely Dana Loesch in a cowardly subtweet so his loyal followers could see what a tough guy he is attacking a woman without tagging her.

Vulgar, sexist and unoriginal.

Hey Ron, WTG!

And what was he responding to pray tell? Surely his outrage was over something truly controversial, right?


And yeah, Dana is right.

What’s the controversy here, Hellboy? Oh, that’s right, he probably wouldn’t recognize a hunter if one fell out of the sky, landed on his face and started to wiggle, so he got confused about what she was saying.

That or he’s just a reactive, overly-emotional man-baby who can’t stand it when women disagree with him.


Just spitballin’.

He’s made his mind disappear!


Or maybe that’s what he made disappear.




PROJECTION? Smug Soledad O’Brien’s bizarre swipe at Dana Loesch does NOT go unpunished

Gonna leave a MARK! This may be Dana Loesch’s best troll WALLOPING yet (you’ll fistpump)

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