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Wrong CUFFS: James Comey brags about wearing his FBI cufflinks, gets HILARIOUSLY dragged

James Comey has to be one of the least self-aware people on the whole flipping planet.



Did he think it was smart to tweet about ‘cuffs’ anything after the release of the FISA memo on Friday? At this point, we are starting to wonder if the guy is eating paint chips or TIDE PODS.

He had to know people would make the jump from cufflinks to THIS:

Oooh shiny.

He couldn’t find the right ugly pantsuit to match those particular cufflinks.

But he’s not ashamed, clearly.

You’d think, but nope.


HA! Love this.

With a flower, so lovely and elegant.

Sensing a theme here, James.

Yup, definitely a theme in these comments.

Told ya’.


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