We’re starting to wonder if Ben Rhodes understood what it was Obama was actually doing with Russia while he was president. Seriously, if he did he wouldn’t tweet such stupid things … unless he’s pretty sure Democrats were too stupid to know what they were up to and thinks he can get away with this when it comes to his base.

Hrm. Maybe a little bit of both.

Not-so-deep thoughts, with Ben Rhodes.

Honestly, we can’t exactly tell what Ben is trying to get across here other than, ‘Memo bad. Trump bad. Media bad. Russia, Russia, Russia.’ Anyone else wish these people would just freakin’ change the record already?

Ben should probably stick with fiction, he’d be a far happier and more pleasant person – reality seems to make him fussy.

Just wait until we find out Obama sent pallets of cash to Putin.


Now now, Obama only weaponized government agencies, totally different from what ol’ Ben here is accusing Trump of … we think.

It could happen.


But fair.


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