The hits just keep coming for the Democrats, and by hits, we mean bad, embarrassing, and humiliating stories about how Americans are seeing awesome effects from the GOP tax plan ALREADY … especially when Nancy Pelosi called it the worst law she had ever seen and predicted an all-out Armageddon when it passed.

Wonder how badly her left eye twitched when the news broke this past week about employment and wage increases:

But we thought Democrats were the ones promising to raise the wage, by force. Funny how when government gets OUT of the way the market takes over and those wages rise naturally, eh Nan?

Sarah Sanders dumped some salt in their wound:

Right? Even Dianne Feinstein should be able to figure out how this works. No?

Democrats *eye roll*

But wait, it gets better.

NOT MORE BONUSES! Surely this is the end of times!

You’d think so the way Democrats act about a thriving economy and job growth:

Stock market goes up and down, that’s pretty normal, Dave. Besides, weren’t you all just insisting a successful stock market didn’t prove anything?

These are seriously some of the unhappiest most miserable people on the planet.

Don’t forget kicking puppies, Republicans love to kick puppies.

In other words, he has to pay for it himself now.

You mean like Obama united the country?


Yeah, we just can’t.


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