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BADASS Nikki Haley TROUNCES Muslim diplomat calling the US a 'BULLY' over Jerusalem vote

Nikki Haley is done playing with the UN, especially when it comes to where the United States is going to place its OWN embassy.


And if other countries in the world don’t like it, Trump is more than ready to discuss cutting US aid to them.


Works for us.

Michelle Nichols, the Reuters United Nations bureau chief in New York, shared the story:

And then comments from a senior diplomat from a Muslim country who accused the US of bullying and being immoral:

Nikki was more than ready to respond.


BOOM again.

In fact, there is so much BOOM here that it came back again to BOOM on top of the BOOM … and it triggered a giant wall of stupid.


That’s not what she said.

The United States provides aid to countries all around the WORLD, even when they burn our flag and vote against the choices WE MAKE. Obama was more than happy to bow and allow these countries to take advantage of us, but not anymore.

When your hatred of Trump disallows you from seeing reality, it might be time to seek some sort of therapy. And really, this guy should remove the American flag from his handle if he hates our country so much.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is one of Trump’s petty needs? Eh?


Nikki is anything BUT weak.

Oh, shut up.


Man, these people were so cranky yesterday … wonder why? #TaxCutsBABY

FFS the stupid burns.

Like we said, a giant wall of stupid.


Pile of GROSS Rob Reiner posts seriously inappropriate and LEWD tweet about Pence and Trump


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