Oh look, a Hollywood type said something really disgusting and inappropriate about the president and the vice president. We’re so shocked.


And really, after the year Hollywood has had, we’re not entirely sure why Rob Reiner thought writing something like this was smart, but then again rarely anything he writes is smart so what do we know?

Rob, really?

Imagine the shiznit storm that would have followed if any famous person had said this about Biden and Obama? OMG there would have been protests in the streets, any and all work by the schmuck in question would be destroyed, and his or her name would go down in infamy.

Who the Hell do these Hollywood types think they are?

This is an excellent point, does Rob really think tweets like this hurt Pence or Trump? All they really do is make him look like the worst sort of Meathead.

The amount of butthurt from the Left in social media yesterday will be the stuff of LEGEND.


These people would have to first understand what shame looks like to have the ability to be ashamed.

Because they’re spoiled children who don’t know any better, and after eight years of getting their way (while everyday Americans suffered), they don’t know how to deal with a world that doesn’t bow to their ideas.

It’s sad if you think about it.

And curtain.


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