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Profoundly PROFOUND: Yoko Ono says THIS is the most important thing in life but Tweeps have other ideas

Yoko Ono asked Twitter what the most important thing in life is.

And wow man, this was DEEP.


Hrm. Good point. Without breathing we wouldn’t be here, except fish. Do fish breath? Well, they breathe water so maybe that’s why Yoko said breathing and not oxygen.

Now she’s gone and done it, she’s made us think! We were specifically told there would be no thinking today.



Oooh, also important.

Hrm. Maybe for people in Wisconsin.

Eduardo said Yoko is tweeting the obvious.

Hey, we’re a diverse site man, we include tweets from all over the world.



We’ll accept that answer.

This just got a little competitive because our hearts do start beating BEFORE we start breathing.

We would, of course, suggest that bacon is the most important thing in life.

And maybe a therapy chicken.


You MAD? Cheri Jacobus talked smack about Twitchy, so YOU KNOW we have to point and laugh

Yoko Ono lets Donald Trump have it with what sounds like an imitation of a cat in a blender

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