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THE END IS NEAR! Ben Shapiro's #NetNeutrality timeline is LIT (and the funniest damn thing on Twitter)

Earlier today, in a 3-2 vote, the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality.

As you can imagine, the Left is taking this news quite well.


Ben Shapiro’s #NetNeutrality timeline is an absolutely spectacular glance into the apocalypse that is sure to ensue now that the government isn’t babysitting the Internet anymore.

These are the times that will try men’s souls.

Won’t someone please think about Hotmail for a change?! What will become of Tumblr!?



Wait, what?

Huh, Ajit seems pretty confident in this vote.

Dude, never EVER take balloons from clowns, especially clowns like AT&T.


In fact, here at Twitchy, we’ve already started writing with crayons because the Internet is totally dead.


Oh, the humanity!

Damn man, Facebook is expensive!

And c’mon, the only person who can avoid $3.99 a tweet is Donald Trump. WAIT, that’s it! This is a giant conspiracy to make sure the only person who can tweet is the president.

We’re totally joking but maybe we shouldn’t because who knows how many ‘Resistance’ types might think this is actually true.


Surely this is the end of times.

And to think, we thought the GOP Tax Bill was supposed to kill us all.


HAAAA! Alyssa Milano can’t spell #NetNeutrality BUT she wants you to FIGHT FOR IT anyway

FAKE NEWS alert! CNN helps fuel Dem MELTDOWN after repeal of net neutrality

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