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We knew it.

Moments after Al Franken made his speech about stepping down as a senator (at some time), Democrats couldn’t WAIT to start pretending they actually have the ‘moral high ground’ when it comes to sexual misconduct.


Take Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and this rant for example:

Where was she weeks ago when the allegations came out about Franken? Conyers? Menendez?

Years ago with Clinton?

Clear message.

Got it.

She’s so clear she’s opaque.

Alrighty then.


Oh so this isn’t some sort of empowerment tweet-storm for women and a promise that from here on out Gillibrand won’t play politics with allegations, it’s a pathetic excuse to attack Trump.

Thanks again for the clear message, Kirsten.

Huh? SEE?!?

We. Knew. It.

Franken was served up on a silver platter so these disingenuous hacks could pretend they actually held him accountable. And remember, he hasn’t exactly resigned just yet, he just said he would be stepping down. But the timing gives Democrats just enough opportunity to get their digs in at Moore without having to worry about being called hypocrites.


Even though they are MASSIVE hypocrites.

You honestly can’t even make this up.

Too little, too late, Kirsten.


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