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*SNICKER* Iowahawk MOCKS Al Franken's self-serving resignation speech, and it's PERFECT

Yesterday, as soon-not-to-be-a Senator Al Franken stood in front of the world and gave a fairly pathetic and absolutely self-serving resignation speech many people took notice of a few things he said … or didn’t say. He didn’t give a timeframe for when he would actually step down, he made a dig (or five) at Trump, and he slammed the women who accused him.


All things considered, it was a fairly lame-ass resignation which was quickly followed by Democrats pretending they have the moral authority when it comes to perverts even though they’ve been protecting some ICONS for decades.

Iowahawk mocked Franken PERFECTLY:

Franken thinks no one has done more for women than he has; sounds a little like Weinstein who started ranting about how he’d take on the NRA when it came out that he was sexually assaulting houseplants all across the country.

At some point, he’ll pay the consequences for his actions.

Keep an eye on Franken if Moore gets elected, watch how quickly he decides he shouldn’t resign after all.

What a hero, right?


This is not how he remembers running into liquor stores with his truck and he’s sorry those liquor stores remember it differently.

Dude, you never know. Iowahawk is CRAZY that way.



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