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Stop trying to disarm WOMEN! Katie Pavlich OWNS Nancy Pelosi over CCR law in 1 tweet

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said the GOP Tax Bill was the worst bill in history and compared it to the end of the world? Seems she’s reacting so rationally to legislation passed by Republicans these days, right?


Why is Nancy so worried about CCR? Especially if the GOP tax bill is literally destroying the world as we know it. Seems like overkill to us, Nan.

Katie Pavlich tried to bring the crazy back down to Earth.

Keyword being tried.

Nancy and other Democrats will NEVER get it. They seem to think laws will stop evil people from doing evil things with guns, and as we’ve seen, that’s just not true. What they miss is by making it easier for trained and LEGAL gun owners to carry wherever they go we empower them to defend themselves against EVIL.

But eh, narrative and stuff.


How many times has she admitted she doesn’t read the bills?


Maybe a little bit of both.


Nancy, this law didn’t make it suddenly legal for violent criminals or domestic abusers to own firearms.

The stupid, it literally burns.


WOW: Paul ‘Lost to Ryan by 85%’ Nehlen FLIPS OUT, tells Conservative to ‘eat a bullet’

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