And Paul Nehlen wants to be in Congress.


It all started with Nehlen posting a video where he attacked Paul Ryan over a piece of gun legislation:

There’s only one thing wrong with his 5-Alarm video …


Let the schooling begin:

Pretty cut and dry. Facts, actual language from the bill, all good. So surely Paul Nehlen took Stephen Gutowski’s information to heart and revised his comments around Ryan and this legislation, right?


Oh boy.

That would seem the logical thing to do.


Not too much to ask.

Oooh, tough guy. We get it, this seemed to work for Donald Trump but Paul, there is only one Donald Trump.

Keyboard warrior you betcha!

We’re shocked Nehlen didn’t call Gutowski a ‘cuck’ to be honest with you.


What is this, junior high?

Not a bad suggestion …

WHOA. Ok, FULL STOP. Telling John Podhoretz to kill himself? TWEETS ARE FOREVER, Paul. We’re pretty sure he’s trying to run against Ryan again (and we’re pretty sure it will end in another embarrassing loss), so yeah, this tweet is incredibly stupid.

Like stupid people read this tweet and say, damn, that’s stupid.

He hasn’t taken it down. Yet.

Dude, stop talking.