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Girl POWER! Jennifer Lawrence brags she'll throw a drink in Trump's face, trips over THIS pic

Seems Jennifer Lawrence is all set to throw a martini in the face of the president because of girl power and stuff.


Hey, don’t look at us, we just work here man.

From The Hill:

Lawrence said in 2015 that a Trump presidency would be “the end of the world.” But earlier this year, she preached unity, telling Vogue that the country needs to come together because “we can’t continue this divide and anger.”

While the 27-year-old Oscar winner says she’s never come face-to-face with Trump, she told Winfrey she’d “definitely” be prepared if the opportunity presented itself.

“I’ve got a pretty good speech,” Lawrence said, adding with a laugh that “it ends with a martini to the face.”

So tough.

She does realize that throwing a drink in the president’s face would probably end up with her being arrested, right?

Oh and there’s this:

Wonder if she thought about throwing a drink in Harvey Weinstein’s face?

Paternal to her. For real?


You know that face you make when you’re pretty sure someone has passed gas in the elevator and you’re not sure who but it’s awful and you have a long way to your floor yet? That’s the face we made when we saw the picture of Lawrence with Weinstein.


Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the houseplants for a change!

Of course, they’d have to have a moral compass in the first place for it to be screwed up but fair point.


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