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Yes PLEASE! Roseanne hints at something that should scare the HELL out of CA Dems

You know if Nancy Pelosi or Kamala Harris saw this tweet they both felt a cold shiver of fear run down their spines.



Roseanne might run for governor.

In California.


And guess what, she’d win.


In California especially.

It’s a serious shiznit show there.



Does California have a Lt. Governor? Hrm. We’d love that team.


They call him ‘moonbeam’ for a reason.

How could anyone go wrong with a shirtless pundit?


Pretty sure that’s why people elected Trump (or one of the reasons) but fair point.

Run Roseanne run!


WOW! Nancy Pelosi goes on smug rant about #MasterpieceCakeshop, gets OWNED by gay Catholic

HO-HO-HORRIBLE: Andy Richter’s attempt to make Christmas RACIST lands him on the STUPID list

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