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WOW! Nancy Pelosi goes on smug rant about #MasterpieceCakeshop, gets OWNED by gay Catholic

As arguments around Masterpiece Cakeshop wrapped up with SCOTUS, Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter in order to pander, preen and plunder for LGBT votes. Grab your barf bag because the sheer amount of sanctimony and BS in these tweets is absolutely nauseating:


LGBT people have equal rights.


Who’s reversing rights for people?

Seriously Nancy. Do you even READ the BS you tweet?

Quick, be MORE melodramatic, it’s so believable. We know, tell everyone how Trump is kicking puppies and starving orphans, that’s our fave.

No. Don’t read her full statement because it’s just more of the same nonsense and it’s all STUPID.

Hey don’t take our word for it, listen to this guy.


Oh, Nancy. He’s gay and Catholic – this may actually be her kryptonite, let’s see if her face finally melts.

Of COURSE she’s lying! She needs people in the LGBT community to buy this crap that they’re somehow victims so Democrats can keep ‘saving them’ for votes.

Seems more and more people are waking up to her (their) tactics though.


But the first is totally oppressive and stuff.

Wasn’t she just telling people who didn’t agree with her politics to get out of her state?


NO MORE! We’re damn mad and we’re not taking it ANYMORE!


She has to pass the Constitution to read it? No? We got nothin’.


Ain’t it cute when people who think they’re above everyone else blather on about equality.

Shhh, Nancy.


Nancy Pelosi doubles down, calls GOP tax bill one of the worst bills in history

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