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BOOM! Guy Benson nukes Dem lies about GOP #TaxBill with 1 graph, triggers DUMB-a-lanche

As Democrats spent the majority of their day spreading lies about the GOP Tax Bill (we’re pretty sure Kamala Harris was trying to convince people Republicans wrote in a tax break for anyone who kicks a puppy), Guy Benson made sure to share FACTS about the bill so people would understand the REALITY of it.


For example, he shared this simple graph:

Wait, you mean this bill would give the middle class a tax break? Put more money in their pockets, not just the evil rich?

Get outta here.

But Democrats said it only benefits evil rich people and stuff.



Bam bam.

Bam bam BAM!

Guy has far more patience than we do. Just sayin’.




As you can see, this teeny, tiny little graph freaked the masses out because they have been fed a line of BS by Democrats (and sadly, some Republicans) about this tax bill that just isn’t true. Democrats are going to keep fighting for the government to steal more from Americans, there is no such thing as a good tax cut if you’re a Democrat.

As for Guy …

He kicks ass.


OOPS: Kamala Harris accidentally proves why Americans SHOULD support GOP Tax Bill

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