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Truth HURTS: Trump triggers 'fake news' CNN into AWKWARD meltdown with just 1 tweet

When will media outlets like CNN figure out that Trump is baiting them … over and over again? The president wrote the following tweet about Fox News and CNN, and you know he knew it would ultimately freak CNN out.


How hard do you think he laughed after he wrote THIS one?

And even though he did not tag CNN, somehow their CNN Communications account saw the tweet and decided for whatever reason to engage.

Hrm, this looks an awful lot like a banana to us.

Seriously, they’ll never learn.

Careful with this one, some CNN journos get fussy when you remind them about their doxxing habits and may even block you for writing about it (ahem).

Just guessing.


Wouldn’t hold your breath.

Pretty simple advice from this person’s 80-year-old mom.

Normally we would include several of the 8000+ replies to CNN’s tweet, but for whatever reason, Twitter in their infinite wisdom is only showing about a dozen of them … now, why oh why would they do that?


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