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'Holy sh*t, he's getting destroyed!' Bill Nye's AMA on Reddit didn't go so hot for the 'Science Guy'

We need to start calling him Bill Nye the ‘just got his arse handed to him on Reddit’ guy. Whatever possessed him to do an AMA on Reddit? These things rarely go well, especially not for progressive phonies who pretend they’re scientists so they can peddle their climate change BS.



Our favorite part:

‘If I walked around in scrubs, hung a stethoscope around my neck and called myself ‘Bpoag the Medicine Guy’, I would be considered a complete fraud, would I not?’

Yes, yes he would.

2017 just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

Thanks, Obama.


Hrm. Gosh, he seems like such a likable guy too.


LIAR! He’s totally real, you TAKE that back!



Apple or banana? Look how many retweets CNN WH journo’s #FakeNews got vs. the correction

YAAAS! Piers Morgan gets dumped on his ‘CANDY ASS’ in back-and-forth with WWE’s Corey Graves

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