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WOW: Amy Siskind RAGES on #StopBetsy, threatens WOMEN defending due process (deletes tweet)

When Betsy DeVos announced that they would be taking a serious look at the overreaching guidelines the Obama administration placed on colleges regarding Title IX, we knew the Left would freak out and implode. It’s what they do.


It’s all they do.

For example, Amy Siskind just lost it:

Wait, hold up.

So adhering to the Constitution puts us on a path to authoritarianism? Really?

PREACH! Due process protects all Americans and keeps the government from prosecuting and punishing innocent people.

Hackneyed due process talking point? Do some f’ing research?

Oh the irony of this tweet, someone who thinks due process is authoritarianism telling someone who knows better to do some research.


Yes, clearly it’s the Conservatives who are uninformed about due process.



But apparently this isn’t true, because in her rant she threatened (yes, threatened) WOMEN who were disagreeing with her on due process.

Guess she figured out it wasn’t the brightest thing to tweet because she deleted it, but not before Elliott Hamilton grabbed it:

You’ll rue the day!

Because nothing says ‘women’s advocate’ like threatening other women for disagreeing with you.

Guess she didn’t really want us remembering that tweet.

Too bad for her though, the Internet never forgets.


UNHINGED! Tweet from rabid Lefty on #StopBetsy is impressively VILE (even for a Lefty)

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