Betsy DeVos is examining campus sexual assault …

In particular the Obama-admin’s ‘Dear Colleague Letter,’ which was created by Joe Biden.

From NPR:

The Office of Civil Rights, or OCR, under President Obama took the position that Title IX protects girls and women from the threat of sexual assault, harassment or a hostile environment while pursuing their educations.

In letters and official guidance, OCR told colleges and K-12 schools to investigate complaints more aggressively. Some of the consequences have been controversial across the political spectrum.

NRP Cont.:

Legal experts and faculty have found fault. Last year, an open letter signed by 21 professors at leading law schools argued that “free speech and due process on campus are now imperiled.”

And of course, anytime Betsy makes any change whatsoever, the SJW brigade jumps on Twitter and says really stupid stuff:

Lefties are gonna Lefty.

Really dude? Heard of due process?

Of course he doesn’t. Due process protects people from being falsely accused which in his bizarre world helps rapists. Guess he thinks people don’t ever falsely accuse others of crimes they didn’t commit.

See Rolling Stone.

Welcome to Liberalism 101, where everything the Left wants is a right and where actual rights are racist or sexist.

Innocent. Until proven guilty.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.

But yeah, clearly DeVos is siding with rapists. *eye roll*


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