Apparently if you have different beliefs from ThinkProgress editor, Zack Ford, and you write about them that’s whining. Imagine being SO insecure in who you are that a piece written about someone else’s beliefs upsets you enough to go on some tweet rant like this:

Yeah, how dare Bethany have her own ideas.

Just because Zack disagrees with Bethany doesn’t make her or her beliefs, bigoted.

How do her beliefs harm anyone? And isn’t Zack harming her by attacking her person on Twitter because of her beliefs … isn’t that the definition of bigotry?


Oh look, he said it again.

Maybe Zack needs a mirror, because we’re pretty sure we can see why she’s pissed.

Uh huh.

Avoiding responsibility. Fascinating.

So is Zack targeting Bethany here? Isn’t that what bigots do?

People LIT HIM UP.

That’s exactly what he said.

Thought policing is indeed a huge problem.

This is the sort of progress that takes people backwards, just saying.

Good times. *eye roll*


And that’s the key. In America, people are ‘allowed’ to believe what they want, whether others agree with them or not … it’s in the Constitution or something. *wink*


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