Admit it. The moment Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration would be ending DACA, one of the first places you looked on Twitter was the Sean Spicer parody’s (@sean_spicier) timeline to see what he tweeted.

And how it enraged and freaked out the Left.

Case in point:

Not to mention a couple pairs of mom jeans and cigarette butts.

Way to go, Sean! Man, we want a library.

Clearly there is a ton of white privilege in college basketball … psh.

This never gets old.

Perhaps this guy misses the irony that he’s responding to Sean which proves he cares what he thinks.

But hey, what do we know.

Hey, Obama is consistent.

Bonus tweets about hurricanes and people accusing Trump of controlling the weather to kill minorities (dude, people really believe this):


And speaking of Mar-a-Lago, you’d think people would be happy Trump was spending time at Camp David instead of at the resort but nope:

Damn cooties.


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