So Trump is getting his tweets from Nancy Pelosi now? Hrm.

We’re hearing that Nancy called Trump about the tweet, and we’re also hearing Trump called Nancy.

Safe to say SOMEONE called SOMEONE.

We don’t have a name for the source of this ‘aide,’ and it has not been confirmed by the White House that Trump actually did what Nancy asked OR that she even called (or that he called her) … but after what we saw yesterday with Schumer, Pelosi and the president it’s absolutely possible this is true.


All that’s really been confirmed is that Nancy is telling people she did it, or that he did it.

Wait, what?

Oh politics … you cheeky monkey you.

Only if that narrator’s voice belongs to Morgan Freeman.



Honestly looking through these threads, we can’t tell who’s angrier about the fact that Nancy asked Trump to tweet something and he did; Pelosi supporters won’t believe it until they hear it from Nancy and of course Trump supporters are waiting to hear from the WH.

And the mystery of who called who, if they called at all! Ha!

Either way, this can’t be real life.

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