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OWNED! Glenn Beck suggests Lefties tear down THIS living monument dedicated to white supremacy

That moment when you HOPE HOPE HOPE Cecile Richards sees a certain tweet …


When Glenn is right, he’s right. And MAN, is he ever RIGHT about this one.


Of course they do, they’re far too busy pretending statues of men who lived hundreds of years ago are the real problem.

All while they pretend they’re protecting women’s rights and providing this AMAZEBALLS level of healthcare.


Pro-aborts implode in 3 … 2 … 1.

So they’re tearing down statues because the South split from the Union? And here we thought it was over racism.



Ridiculous to be honest about the number of black women who abort at Planned Parenthood … sure. You know what’s really ridiculous? Pretending Planned Parenthood protects women and saves lives.



NARAL aims for white supremacists, PUNCHES selves in the face instead

It’s a DOOZY –> White Nationalists and AntiFa will HATE this Iowahawk tweet (but you’ll laugh!)

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