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Who DID this?! Please please PLEASE let it be DuckDuckGo that epically trolled Google with this gif

Man, we SO hope this gif actually came from DuckDuckGo … it is definitely master level trolling.


After the crapola Google pulled earlier this week by firing James Damore for DARING to step outside their thought bubble and admit that men and women are different, they had this coming.

FYI, Google was founded in 1998, so this ‘trolling’ was deliberate.

Not that it will make Google think or change their ridiculous standards, but it might inspire plenty of users to start using DuckDuckGo (which incidentally also protects the privacy of your browsing history, even from themselves).

When trolling and marketing collide.



Snowflake VERIFIED! Blue check tweep threatens to have non-fans arrested for retweeting him


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