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Shameless LIARS! CNN gets DECIMATED for blatantly lying about #GoogleManifesto content

Oh look, CNN wrote a headline to support Google’s actions in firing James Damore for voicing his own ideas and beliefs … color us shocked.

Damore didn’t say women aren’t suited for tech jobs.


Of course it’s not, but if CNN and others report what he REALLY said Google will look like the Orwellian nightmare they’ve turned into.

Not even close, but that’s never bothered CNN before.

Sensing a theme here.

Must be nice to have a giant media conglomerate front and center to protect you from yourself.

No wonder Obama loved CNN so much.




It’s worth a Google.


Or they did and completely misunderstood what he wrote but odds are they didn’t …

That may actually be their new slogan.


Irony OVERLOAD! Google tweets CEO’s email about firing Damore, proves #GoogleManifesto TRUE


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